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Have you ever been involved in your dinner and dance organising committee?

What were the main issues you faced in planning for your company dinner and dance event?

Did you receive quotations for your annual company D&D from dinner and dance event companies in Singapore that were according to your requirements?

Was this a question that you got asked the most?

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Here are the basics and useful tips on how to budget for a company dinner and dance which you will find helpful towards planning you next company dinner in Singapore.


The first step to planning for a dinner and dance in Singapore in to decide on a company dinner and dance venue. There are many awesome venues in Singapore offering attractive dinner and dance packages, including a wide variety of delicious food selection options.

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Before contacting a dinner and dance venue for quotation, it is a good idea to understand how much your company is looking at to spend per person and what are the special food requirements that have to be met.

For example:

  • if Muslim halal food is required, and if, the halal certification needs to be submitted
  • the number of halal tables required for your Muslim staff
  • if this is a sit-in or buffer style dining
  • if there will be alcoholic drinks required
  • if your company will be engaging an external source
  • if your company will be including LED screens or projectors & screens from an external source

Here is a blog on LED Wall & Projector and Screen:
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Why is it necessary to update the dinner and dance venue that you will be engaging an external source, either an AV rental or event company for your dinner and dance audio visual requirements?

This is due to several factors, which include:

  1. The dinner and dance venue has to ensure that the space is sufficient to sit all your guests comfortably with the LED screen or projector and screen included.
  2. External AV rentals and event companies have to engage a LEW (Licensed Electrical Worker) and include a DB box for their power source.

What is the usual number of pax per table at venues in Singapore?

It is usually 10 pax per table, however, there are some event venues that have an 8 pax per table sitting arrangement.

Is an event company able to acquire and recommend a suitable dinner and dance venue for our company dinner and dance event?

Yes, event companies work closely with their event venue partners and are able to recommend the right-fit dinner and dance venue for your company dinner and dance. However, for event companies to do so, they will need to know the estimated budget your company has set aside for this company event.

What are the other benefits to engaging event companies to source for the dinner and dance venue?

Event companies in Singapore, through their extensive event venue knowledge is able to understand your requirements, source for the most suitable venue and effectively communicate your requirements to acquire the best possible and right-fit event venue, food and drinks quotes from event venues.

Event companies can recommend based on more unique requirements that you may have, such as, sourcing an event venue that has the convenience of public transportation for your guests.

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This will allow you to receive a suitable right-fit dinner and dance venue quote according to your budget and requirements.

Important Note:
It is advisable to book and confirm your dinner and dance venue at least 3 months before your event as event venues work on 'first come, first served basis'. As such, dinner and dance event venue sourcing should begin minimum of 4-5 months before event day.

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After deciding on a dinner and dance venue for your company dinner and dance event, the next step is to decide on what event elements to include for your company event. The basic items that you should consider to include are:

Professional Emcee

An emcee or event host is the first item that should be included in your company dinner and dance package. The choice of selection for a professional emcee is directly dependent on your company dinner and dance event budget.

The cost of engaging a professional emcee varies according to your requirements. A well-known professional local emcee costs a lot more. An emcee will usually entertain your guests by playing engaging games and giving out game prizes for the most active participants.

Important Note:
It is advisable to book your event emcee at least about 2 months before event day, as it is subject to availability and a delay in confirming your emcee might leave you in a position where your preferred emcee is unavailable as he or she is already booked for another event on that day.

Sound System & Deejay

A deejay and sound system are also important event elements to include for your company dinner and dance event. The cost of the sound system rental and deejay hire package is dependent on the number of guests that are expected to attend your company dinner.

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For example, if the expected number of guests attending is about 100 pax, then 2 speakers are sufficient to meet your event sound requirements, however if for a higher number of guests, more speakers will be required which increases the sound system rental package cost.

Here is an interesting read on sound systems:
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Event Lighting

Event lighting should be included to brighten up and enhance the stage performances. Event lighting go a long way to create a festive mood and the lighting programmer works closely with the deejay to create synchronised lighting effects that create an awesome immersive environment for your guests! To further enhance the atmosphere, you may also consider including ambience lighting for your event.

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Here is a good read on event lighting:
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Event Decoration

The most basic decoration that you should include for a dinner and dance event is a customised and designed event banner or event stage backdrop. These are usually be put up at the stage background area. For an additional budget, to create and even more immersive environment for guests, you can consider including beautifully designed themed decoration and props for your event.

Pre-event Activity

A pre-event activity allows for arriving guests to have some fun and get into the mood before the dinner and dance event starts. There are many pre-event activity choices, which include, roving magicians, roving performers, game stalls, snack stalls and even theme related per-event activities.

The most common choice for a pre-event activity is an event photo booth. A photo booth is a great choice mainly because of 2 main points:

  1. Photos capture all those memories which you can look back and reminiscence on in the future
  2. Sets the happy and fun mood with all those funny, imaginative poses made during the photo-taking session

Here is all you need to know about photo booths:
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Dinner and Dance Themes

Finally, decide on a dinner and dance theme for your company dinner and dance. Dinner and dance themes, can be discussed and finalised after confirming the event company that you will hire for your company dinners. There are lots of exciting and interesting dinner and dance theme options to choose from.

Dinner and Dance Themes | Dinner and Dance Event Company | Electric Dreamz
Image from

Here is a blog by Donna Daniels, a well-known professional emcee in Singapore, with many popular and exciting dinner and dance themes titled:
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Professional Photographer & Videographer

To capture all those sweet memories, a photographer and videographer should be included for your company dinner and dance events. After the event, all photos and video footage will be provided for your company. You may even request for a photo montage!

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These are the recommended basic dinner and dance event elements that can be included for your company dinner and dance.

What are other dinner and dance elements that I can consider to include for my dinner and dance?

Event Entertainment

For an additional budget, including dinner and dance event entertainment is recommended. Entertainment can include, musical acts, LED light shows, fire breathers, a stand-up comedian and even a snake dance! For grand dinner and dances and for company milestone anniversary dinner and dances, you can even include famous professional international entertainers for your event!

LED Wall and Projector & Screen

LED wall and projectors allow you to make your event even more grand and provide an even more immersive environment for your guests. You can show company history videos and event live feeds.


Electric Dreamz is a low cost, professional and reliable one stop quality solution event company in Singapore who can cater to all your dinner and dance event needs.

Here is a blog on what we offer as a D&D Organiser in Singapore:
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Team Building Element - Incorporated Into Company D&D Event Package

Electric Dreamz can now include an optional innovative new dinner and dance event element that incorporates a fun and exciting team building activity into your dinner and dance package. This is an activity that is both a team building activity and a way to create interest and get all invited guests looking forward to the company dinner and dance event!

Read about it here (look for Electric Dreamz Special):
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Are you looking for a dinner and dance organiser in Singapore?

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Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion or for a dinner and dance event requirement through email at or phone at +6585860502. Alternatively, please visit our dinner and dance page for more information on our dinner and dance services.

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Thanks for the kind read and have a great week!

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