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Best Dinner and Dance Theme Ideas: 7 Key Dinner and Dance Themed Elements for Creating Awesome and Immersive Dinner Dance Experiences | Electric Dreamz | Singapore

Best Dinner and Dance Theme Ideas

7 Key Dinner and Dance Theme Elements For Creating Awesome and Immersive Experiences For Your Guests

Electric Dreamz is an event company which always goes the extra mile to create an event experience that will leave our clients and their guests with lasting impressions.

What is our secret?

We call it the X-Factor!

A combination of different sets of skills in a team of passionate, experienced and skilled individuals who come together to come up with unique, fresh awesome ideas, and, to follow through meticulously to ensure perfect delivery and execution right to the very end of the event.

Here are 7 Dinner and Dance and Birthday Party event elements to apply a chosen theme to provide an absolutely incredible immersive experience for guests.


Dinner and Dance Invitations

Dinner and Dance Posters

Dinner and Dance Animated Video Invitations

The choice of themed designs for dinner and dance publicity material is important as these are the first items seen by your invited guests and have to be attractive and eye-catchy. It sparks that excitement and mood that your guest will carry into the venue on the day of the event with great expectations and excitement. 

It is our job to ensure our designs can create that level of excitement and interest. One of the ways we do it is to conduct spot surveys at random with a minimum of 20 to 30 individuals and get their feedback. 

We only submit designs to clients when we are 100% certain the designs will be catchy and attractive for guests. Another way is to actually go with animated video invitations. 

These dinner and dance invitation videos are less than 1 minute in duration and there is more flexibility to show many different exciting items that have been planned for them at the dinner and dance. 

These videos are also a great way to show what would be the preferred attire or costumes for the dinner and dance, remind and encourage them to dress as advised to truly enjoy an immersive experience.

For more on event video invitations and dinner and dance video invites.

Dinner and Dance Theme | Event Company | Singapore


Dinner and Dance Stage Backdrops

Dinner and Dance Banners

D&D Themed Balloons, Props & Cutouts

One of the key areas to apply selected theme is for the dinner and dance decorations. It is essential that the right designs are chosen for the dinner and dance stage backdrops (should be similar to the publicity material designs but can also vary slightly depending on client preferences. 

An additional design will cost extra for the design works so sticking to the same design might not be a bad idea at all! For any themes selected, balloon decorations do add to that festive and fun mood. 

Although normally preferred for birthday parties, dinner and dance events do include balloon decorations at the entrance and stage (especially if an event banner has been included instead of a backdrop). 

To give an idea of the meticulous attention to detail that takes place, here is an example of the colours that were researched and chosen for the Back to the 80s Retro theme:

For more on dinner and dance event decoration in Singapore.


Dinner and Dance Photo Booth

Dinner and Dance Photo Booth Props

A photo booth is the most popular pre-event activity chosen by clients for their corporate dinner and dance and is a popular selection for birthday parties too. 

For a higher budget event, a photo booth can be customised designed according to selected dinner and dance themes. However, to save costs, a beautiful rented photo booth that is not themed designed still be included with the inclusion of themed props that guests can wear or hold and pose during their photo-taking sessions. 

Awesome themed photos can be produced and guests will have lots of fun and laughter trying out these props and posing for camera. 

Our professional photo-booth supplier even provides 'Pose Guidebooks' for guests to look at and try to follow for the photo-taking sessions. 

The latest attractive item that our photo booth supplier has included in this package are instant photo magnet. This can be a door gift that is also an awesome memorabilia item for events!

These can be awesome door gifts and the theme can be easily incorporated into the design and layout. 

In fact, there is a wide variety of pre-event choices to match and relate to any theme selected by clients for their dinner and dance events in Singapore.


Dinner and Dance Themed Costumes

Dinner and Dance Themed Dressing

One of the most challenging task is encouraging guests to dress in their best themed costumes and attires. There are many reasons for this to happen and one of which is the lack of information and lack of familiarity with the theme. 

To overcome this, the message must be passed across clearly and effectively on the chosen theme and what kind of costumes and attire would be ideal for the dinner and dance event. 

This can be included in the invitation cards by including a website link that sell these items or point to a website that is based on the chosen theme for guests to get an idea of what the theme is all about. 

Another reason could be that there is a lack of interest and this can be overcome by producing more fun and catchy invitations for your guests. 

An animated event video invitation is a good way to achieve this as event video invitations can be made fun and catchy and sparks that interest that was lacking.

For a list of exciting dinner and dance theme options.


Dinner and Dance Themed Door Gifts

Door Gifts are probably one of the most difficult items to decide on as you do not want a door gift that is common and does not relate to the theme, and at the same time, you have a budget constraint that does not allow you to go for a more appropriate themed event door gift. 

If you could not find what you were looking for or it was over the budget, another way to get around this issue is by selecting an item that allows you to include themed artwork or print work. 

The themed design can be modified until it gives the door gift a stunning look, and there you have it, a low cost, themed door gift! 

An example of an awesome matching themed item for 'Back to the 80s' retro theme.

Door Gifts | Dinner and Dance | Corporate Events | Event Company | Singapore
Released In May 1980
(This sure brings back memories!)


Dinner and Dance Entertainment

Dinner and Dance Emcees

The highlight of any corporate dinner and dance event is the event entertainment that has been engaged for them. 

Electric Dreamz works closely with professional and experienced Emcees to produce games that relate to the theme. 

Our recommended Emcees are always keen and full of ideas to match their games with the dinner and dance themes that have been selected. 

As for other entertainment, we always try as far as possible to match to the theme, however, so as not to affect the quality of entertainment, this is one area that we do not insist on themed related segments, for example, we will not insist on a comedian to prepare a script based on the theme, however, sometimes they could already have an idea from a previous experience or event and will be able to put on a themed related show.

For a wide variety and exciting list of dinner and dance event entertainment options in Singapore. 


Electric Dreamz believes that to set the festive mood and to spark an interest in colleagues and friends for the dinner and dance, starting it from the office at least a week prior to the dinner and dance is effective and helps create a happy work environment too! 

We can propose a theme related idea that would set a fun and festive mood to carry over to the dinner and dance days later and it promotes a happy environment with happy employees. 

Attractive prizes for the activities proposed will be given out at the dinner and dance. Here is a video on 'Happy Environment With Happy Employees'.

Hope that you have found this Dinner and Dance Blog informative and useful. 

Should you have any requirements for your dinner and dance, please feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion or for a proposal and quotation. 

Call us at +65 8586 0502, email us at assif@electricdreamz.com or request a quotation and proposal from us through our online quote request form.

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